Photo of Ron Watson

As president of the American Press Association I am always on the lookout for tools that enhance our field of photographers opportunities for facilitating their photography interests and their career. In particular, the ability to post photos quickly online for clients to view them was one of these areas I was interested in. I personally feel that is going to be my top choice for online proofing for a long time to come, and here is why...

I first contacted from an email I had received showing how their company stood up against the other online proofing companies. One of the owners actually answered the phone, John Phoenix, and I drilled him on how it is possible that they had these abilities over the other companies and he actually had good answers. We went on to talk about items in the photography field and online proofing and got a very comfortable feel for SeeYourPhotos. I was invited to try the free trial to see if what they offered fit both my needs and the list incorporated in the email I was sent was true.

Sure enough, as Mr. Phoenix had explained, it was a very fast and easy to use system, and took nearly no time to get everything going. All I can say is that I am very pleased with both the efficient system and the excellent event showcase John and his wife Lisa Catera created, and I find their customer service to be very attentive and helpful.

I recommend to anyone wanting to increase their bottom line and get the most out of posting images online...and in this day and age, online posting is a must!

Ron Watson, President APA
American Press Association