Dear John and Lisa,

I don't know where to begin! Your customer service is "The Best"!! I had a question and you called me from a family function...UNBELIVEVABLE!! Incredible service.

Let me start from the beginning...I was referred from a friend to your site and loved it immediately! The best feature was the slideshow presentation. The second best feature was the ease in which clients are able to use your site, which was huge for me. Not everyone has an easy time with websites. The learning curve for your site was next to nothing! Which I LOVED!! I've had previous online proofing sites and never made a dime from guests purchasing. I have made one thousand dollars in 3 months. Ok, it's not a tremendous amount of money, but it's better than not earning an additional thousand dollars at all!

They have earned my trust in keeping me on as a customer for a very long time!

Nanci Harran
Click Chick Photography