Photo of Myron G. Bursell, Ph.F

The World-Wide-Web helps our business grow. Having used and seen different . hosting sites . to display our work and have clients see their wedding or portrait images on-line we need to keep our identity! It is .our work ., not a web hosting company.s work.

The transition from my site to the hosting site needs to be .seamless., like they never left my site.

The Administration/backroom for the Studio needs to be easy to use and navigate through. The learning curve needs to be fast. The people who run the site need to be open to changes and suggestions from us, the Studio. Willing to update and change as the needs come up. They are able to handle Mac and PC platforms so ALL can use it- the backroom-Admin and the front client area.

The ease of use for the client needs to be user friendly.

The look of the hosting site needs to be customizable to look as if you never left my site, you just went to another page.

WELL, I found that site and MORE ! allows us all that and more. With their knowledgeable staff- John, Lisa, Leslie, and the techs behind the scenes, gives us a customized hosting service that fits our individual Studio.s needs. Our clients see our work, our logos, our messages, THEY SEE OUR STUDIO! That.s important to us and the growth of our business.

Give a try, you.ll be very satisfied !

Myron G. Bursell, Ph.F
Green Gables Photography, Inc.