After testing out the new features, I must tell you that I love them! It's wonderful to see the new improvement and features. I am so glad that I am one of your customers. Below is my feedback:

New Largest Event showcase - Awesome. Now my clients can see if their eyes are closed in large group shots.

New improved Zoom Tool - Great level of zoom with clarity. It definitely helps further.

New Helpdesk in the Event showcase - Love it. It explained all the frequently asked questions, so less work on my end to reply email.

Coupons, Pre-Pay, Gift Certificate - Excellent. This is the most useful marketing tool for me, and for many photographers.

New My Orders - Great feature. Now I can track all of my orders at a glance. I also love the grand total of sales on the bottom that gives me an idea on how much sales I received from online order.

New Pickup from the photographer option - Yeah! I no longer have to refund the shipping fee in cash to customers when they pick up at my studio. Thank you for adding this thoughtful feature.

I am very pleased with the all the new features and improvements. I will tell my photography friends about your great services. Keep up with the great work!

Thank you!

All the best,

Kurty Wong
Kurty Photography