Photo of Don Cornelius

I have searched far and wide for an Online Proofing organization that was working for the photographer not just themselves. I tried all the big names in the business and I was becoming very frustrated because each organization said in there advertisement exactly what I was looking for to put my photos on the net.

Until I was signed up on each of them I found they really didn't care about me and my very small business as they said they did. On one organization I uploaded 1200 photos from a wedding only to find out that they couldn't email me the customers favorite file. They told me that they are considering that feature. Now I had to physically write down the customers favorite files, then I called the organization and told them good bye. caught my eye and I thought here we go again, tell me they will do everything for me but I just need to sign up. Well I was very reluctant to sign to SYP, until I talked to John (one of the owners) and he told me they were constantly improving their site and they would do everything possible to work with me.

Still reluctant I did a 2 week sign up, free, figured it couldn't hurt. I signed up with them for monthly payments. I'm soon going to sign up for a year with them. I have never had an organization work harder for me to achieve my success with my business.

My money is on and I'm totally sold with them. If I have a problem I'm on the phone talking to the entire staff and they have been there for me every time. I feel like they are a part of my business, not there holding my growth back, but growing with me. I have found my online proofing organization and I will never change as long as I'm in business. John, Lisa & Ed - thanks for a great company.

Don Cornelius
Highdesert Photography