We have been one of the first users of It has helped us in all the normal ways a web portal sales site is supposed to. It lets us get our photos to our customers quickly and allows them to make purchases easily and quickly from anyplace in the world. Also, the customer service has been great.

But we have found uses for that we didn't even know we needed.

We do a lot of head and shoulder photos for publication in various media outlets. By using site to post an event with the photos taken and letting our clients choose their photo for publication from the event posting using the "favorites" feature we can go from photo session, to client selection, to delivering the final photo in hours instead of days. We actually had a client that needed to deliver a head shot to the publisher the next day. We photographed him at 3pm (only time he had available) on location, went back to the studio and processed the files, uploaded 14 images for him to select from by 4:45 pm and had a final selection picked and transmitted to the publisher by 5:25 the same day. The client was more than pleased and has already given us more business because of that one session.

Another use for that we have found to be of great benefit to our studio is by using it to post personalized portfolios for prospective clients. We do a lot of Bar/Bat Mitzvah's that we promoted via our studio branded web site, but since we have gone to posting a sample of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah photos as a event on we have increased our bookings by over 80%. After talking to prospective client we refer them to an event posted on that allows them to look at a current session that we have done. This ability to post very current events that give them a real taste for what we do has really improved our bottom line.

Another similar situation happened during a bridal consultation, the bride and groom were planning the wedding from where they lived in another state, but the wedding was to take place in their home town which is where we are located. In talking to the bride we found out that they had decided on a wedding location that we have done several weddings at. In the course of discussion the bride told us that they had only seen a couple of pictures of the venue and started asking us questions about the location since we had experience with weddings there.

I suggested to the bride that we would put together an event from that venue and post it on for them to look at and get a better feel for the site that they had picked out for their wedding. Now mind you, that they had not decided on a photographer yet, and had just started interviewing and talking to different photographers that they had found on line and thought that they might be interested in.

The end to the story is that after viewing the event that we posted on for them, they called us back and proceeded to also book us for their wedding. We feel that had we not been able to post the event for them to look at that we might not have been able to book this wedding.

Charles and Letha Fisher
Complete Photographic Magic LLC