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Photo of Kirk Voclain

I love the service. I intend on using it and we are going to use it more because we just kind of got on-board there at the end of this past senior year. So I think if you check my name out I think there is like two or three listed because that was at the end of the season. But next year it will be a whole different deal. Everything we do will get uploaded that way. SeeYourPhotos...I love it, I love everything about it.. I love the way they interface. My events page on my website looks the way I want it to look...which I like by the way. They do like to hear from everyone about how to improve the site, they may or may not do it, but at least they want to hear it from us, that is important. Read More

Kirk Voclain, The Pro4uM
Photo of Ron Watson

As president of the American Press Association I am always on the lookout for tools that enhance our field of photographers opportunities for facilitating their photography interests and their career. In particular, the ability to post photos quickly online for clients to view them was one of these areas I was interested in. I personally feel that is going to be my top choice for online proofing for a long time to come, and here is why... Read More

Ron Watson, President APA
American Press Association

Just to follow up on our phone conversation yesterday, I signed up for the 30 day trial, uploaded three events, and showed them to my family.

Everyone said they much preferred your presentation over Digi Labs, so I cancelled my renewal with them for another year, and plan to use your service for the next year. Read More

Gene Hales,
Gene's Photography

The people at bend over backward to make sure we get what we need to better market and sell our photos. That's because John and the whole team are all professional photographers. They know the frustrations and pressures we are under and, most importantly, the things we need to do to get our clients the products they deserve.

Just recently they added studio name branding as a feature, so I can send customers directly to my website to view events. This is so awesome, because my clients only see my name associated with any event they view. Read More

Bill Love
Visions Unlimited LLC

Daniel W. Torres says:

"The changes and new features you've added to the website are absolutely great. Thanks for all your hard work."

Daniel W. Torres Photography

These guys are great! Getting set up with them was super easy. They're very attentive to all our concerns. They're handled quickly and frequently they follow up on any issues. Our clients LOVE their service. The amount of "wow" we provide to our clients quickly doubled...and so did the print orders. The "order photos online" link on our site uses studio branding plays well with out theme of "classic elegance, unique sensitivity" and is a joy to view. Read More

Tom Bartholomew

Dear John and Lisa,

I don't know where to begin! Your customer service is "The Best"!! I had a question and you called me from a family function...UNBELIVEVABLE!! Incredible service.

Let me start from the beginning...I was referred from a friend to your site and loved it immediately! The best feature was the slideshow presentation. Read More

Nanci Harran
Click Chick Photography

We have been one of the first users of It has helped us in all the normal ways a web portal sales site is supposed to. It lets us get our photos to our customers quickly and allows them to make purchases easily and quickly from anyplace in the world. Also, the customer service has been great.

But we have found uses for that we didn't even know we needed. Read More

Charles and Letha Fisher
Complete Photographic Magic LLC

We have been happy with the service that we have received from Even though we are a small studio, we have felt like our concerns are important to them, and they have given us personal attention. When we first started, we asked our customers to give us feedback on the service, and our customers responded with positive comments.

Forrest and Marlys Gerhart
Gerhart's Contemporary Photography

I looked a long time to find a image hosting site that did what I wanted done, instead of just showing off their web skills. I needed a site managed by photographers for photographers. I found it with Thanks again.

Larry Doonan
Doonan Photography


Thanks for your attention to my issues.

I am looking forward to the H&H Lab Integration and would love to be involved in beta testing for this feature. Let me know how I can help.

You guys are doing a great job. I am looking forward working with you more as I move from Pictage.


Shayne Salsbury

Wow, finally an organization that lives up to their claims. My branding instead of theirs, amazingly fast uploads, competitive pricing and easy to use for the photographer and the customer. We also like the freedom to choose our own printer when needed. If you can keep this up we will be life long customers!

Dennis Creason
Creative Life Studios

Dear John & Lisa,

What more can I say you are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Being a Mac user is always fun when dealing with any online proofing company but you have mastered it, and now it is flawless for me. I have been with you since May 2007 and last year alone I made over $8000.00. Which by the way is more then I have made combined with all the other companies. As for customer service you are the best in the photography industry and I mean this sincerely. I am so glad I found you last year at WPPI you have both made such a difference in my business not only in revenue but in production and piece of mind. As your biggest fan feel free to send anyone my way I will let them know SEEYOURPHOTOS is the only online proofing option.


Jennifer Vincente Photography


After testing out the new features, I must tell you that I love them! It's wonderful to see the new improvement and features. I am so glad that I am one of your customers. Below is my feedback:

New Largest Event showcase - Awesome. Now my clients can see if their eyes are closed in large group shots.

New improved Zoom Tool - Great level of zoom with clarity. It definitely helps further. Read More

Kurty Wong
Kurty Photography

Cindy Drawhorn says:

" is so cool. I am so excited about this website. It is so user friendly and easy to understand. The people are so friendly and willing to help. This is a wonderful tool for your business. I know my sales are going to sky rocket. Thank all of you so much for designing such a great website. Thanks."

Drawhorn's Classic Images

As a new member to, I have been very pleased with the service and the live support I have gotten setting up my sites and my account. They walked me thought the process with great patience and have supported all my requests and questions.

Elizabeth Overdorf


I would like to personally Thank You for the great customer service experience I received when signing up for the service You far exceeded any expectations I had in regards to customer service to include technical advice and support, returned all my phone calls promptly (and there were a few) guiding me thru the entire site to ensure I knew exactly how to use.

I'm not a tech savvy woman but had to get this done for our company. Thanks for everything and we plan to tell all our business clients about your company and the great services you offer.

P.S. By the way we were referred to you from another business, will have to Thank them also.

Mary Elizabeth
Who's Who Illustrated, LLC.


I want to thank you all again for the great website and for the personalized service. I can't tell you how much better that has been than the "other guys" who shall remain nameless but starts with a "P" and ends with an "e"!!!

My best wishes for the Holidays and Continued Success!!

Tom Ekblad
Tom Ekblad Photography

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